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9781594394942 Fighting the Pain-Resistant Attacker by LOREN CRISTENSEN

Fighting the Pain-Resistant Attacker by Loren W. Christensen

There is a truth in the world of hand-to-hand combat that too many martial artists aren t aware of or refuse to believe. Every time you discover a sure technique, one that makes all your training partners groan and writhe in agony, there exists out there in the mean streets a host of people who won t feel it.

People like these:

• Attackers with large muscle bulk or large fat bulk
• Attackers intoxicated on alcohol
• Attackers under the influence of drugs
• Attackers out of control with rage
• Attackers who are mentally deranged
• Attackers who feel pain but like it

Loren W. Christensen draws on decades of martial arts training and law enforcement experience, giving you techniques to survive the worst-case scenario.

This book isn t about working out with a training partner. It s about surviving a desperate street attack against a nightmare adversary who doesn t acknowledge what you thought was your best shot.

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