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DVD Tai Chi Chuan

DVD Tai Chi Chuan

Discover the art of tai chi chaun. Simple yet powerfully effective this ancient Chinese practice promotesmind/body awareness and physical rejuvenation with little effort. Spiritually it incorporates the Taoist principle of non-doing with the Buddhist principle of serenity. Physically it utilises the principle of health based on the strengthening and relaxing of the whole human body. Tai Chi Chuan is designed to bring the mind and body into harmony by making them one. This program presents detailed step by step instruction in a repeatable daily format beginning with The Nine Temple Exercises traditionally used by Chinese monks to exercise their muscles after long hours of meditation. The Short Form includes a serioes of 27 pre-arranged movements to be executed slowly and effortlessly. Push Hands involves pushing and yielding in a continuous exchange of force. The movements explored in the short form are used in Self-Defense Applications. . Practice any section of the program separately or complete the full 90 minutes for a rigorous and total workout.

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