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Martial Arts Weapons

If you’re dedicated to your training, you’ll need to be sure of equipping yourself with the right martial arts weapons, and at affordable prices.

At Giri we carry the greatest range of martial arts weapons in Australia. Our staff have personal experience of all the disciplines involved, and are happy to share their experience with you, ensuring that you come away with weapons that are suited to your style and stage of training.

Shuriken – Japanese Throwing Stars. A supplemental martial arts weapon in the samurai armamentarium, these were used in a variety of ways to distract and confuse opponents. At Giri we carry both three and four-point Live Blade Throwing Stars.

Nunchaku – Becoming extremely popular as a martial arts training weapon due to the speed and agility needed for their proficient use, we have an extensive range of nunchaku covering all the sizes and weights in common use, and including nunchaku decorated with carving and the 13 inch three-sectional nunchaku.

Sai – We carry a full range of sai, both round section and octagonal, and in black as well as chrome.

Tonfa – We carry these in both black and natural wood finish. Sizes we stock include 18”, 20: and 24”.

Rattan Sticks – We carry 28” and 26”rattan sticks, and our range includes plain rattan, rattan with skin and carved and burnt rattan.

Japanese training swords – We carry Bokken, a form of Japanese training sword that has become in some hands a true weapon in its own right, as well as tanto and shinai in 32”, 34”, 36”, 38” and 39” sizes.

Kama – We have a large range of blunt- and sharp-bladed kama to suit all training styles and levels.

Butterfly Swords – We carry both large and compact versions of this unique martial arts weapon.

Bo/Staff – We stock many oak varieties of this incredibly popular martial arts weapon.

Manrikigusari Chain – We stock this traditional Japanese martial arts weapon for $39.95.

Weapons Carry Bags – to keep your martial arts weapons suitably contained and free from damage, we stock a wide range of Carry Bags suited specifically to carry weapons.

We also stock rubber simulations of guns and knives for training purposes.

Before ordering martial arts weapons, Please see our weapons disclaimer and note that we do not sell weapons to under-age customers.

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