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  • Everlast Powercore Elite 5ft Heavy Bag


    Your Price: $370.00$299.00
    Giri Club Price : $299.00

  • Lightweight Kama’s


    Colours: Red, Blue, Natural

    Your Price: $49.95$25.00
    Giri Club Price : $25.00

  • Warrior Pro Label BJJ White Kimono Platinum Weave


    Sizes: A3, A4, A5

    Your Price: $195.00$66.00
    Giri Club Price : $66.00


Martial Arts Supplies Perth

Welcome to GIRI, Perth’s leading retailer of martial arts supplies and sports training equipment. We offer the largest range of fitness, boxing, martial arts and sports training products, not just in Perth but in Australia as a whole.

If you’re serious about attaining a higher level of health and wellbeing, there’s nothing that will help you to your goals better than martial arts training. Whatever discipline you choose, Karate, Muay Thai, Aikido, Boxing, BJJ or perhaps Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – you’ll need the right gear if you are to succeed. And you’ve come to the right place.

Giri is a Japanese word. It loosely translates as “A sense of loyalty and obligation”, and it’s one of the virtues promoted by assiduous pursuit of martial arts excellence. When we started Giri Martial Arts Supplies back in 1988, we chose it because it embodied the spirit in which we serve our customers. Over a quarter of a century on, we’re still a family owned and operated business, but we quickly outgrew our original Bentley premises, and in 1994 moved to our present location in Cannington. And of course in recent years we’ve gone online, giving our customers even more convenience and flexibility when shopping for martial arts supplies and equipment.

  • In My Own Process – Bruce Lee, introduction by Shannon Lee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tony Hawk, Jackie Chan


    Your Price: $89.99
    Giri Club Price: $80.99

  • Okinawan Kobudo – The History, Tools, and Techniques of the Ancient Martial Art by Andrea Guarelli

    Your Price: $32.99
    Giri Club Price: $29.69

  • Judo Formal Techniques – A Basic Guide to Throwing and Grappling – The Essentials of Kodokan Free Practice Forms by Donn F. Draeger, Tadao Otaki, foreword by Neil Ohlenkamp


    Your Price: $34.99
    Giri Club Price: $31.49

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A better buying experience

Everyone who works at Giri practises one or more of the martial arts. So they know what they are talking about when they recommend a product to a customer, whether it be Muay Thai, BJJ or MMA gear. It’s what makes us that little bit special – that, and the unrivalled breadth of the range we carry. So come and visit us for a chat about your martial arts needs – we’ll make sure you leave with the equipment that’s just right for you. Why not join the GIRI club? For a fee of only $20 you get 10% off all future purchases. Click here to find out more. Please contact us if you would like more information about any of our products, or click here to view our product catalogue.

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