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Cardio Kickboxing Elite.

Cardio Kickboxing Elite.

Paperback. By Frank Thiboutot. Frank Thiboutot the man who created the original “Cardio Kickboxing” program presents it as it was intended to be-more than just an aerobic workout-as a real sport and a real means of self-defense. Let’s be honest. You’re not going to learn anything just punching and kicking the air. In fact you could hurt yourself. You have to lern what impact resistance and hitting moving targets are all about. Learn the safe authentic and effective way to punch block and kick using real equipment and real bag work. Acquire real kickboxing and self-defense skills while getting into the best cardiovascular shape of your life. If you are serious about Cardio Kickboxing serious about getting into shape then you need Cardio Kickboxing Elite.

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