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Martial Mechanics

Martial Mechanics

Interest in a wide range of martial arts grows exponentially each year but few practitioners understand the scientific forces that underlie these arts. The originators of ancient traditional systems intuitively grasped the body mechanics behind their disciplines and thus were capable of generating uncanny striking force. Contemporary students on the other hand often fail to achieve the high levels of technical proficiency they desire because they are unaware of these laws and how they work in a martial arts context.

Drawing on the author’s decades of experience as both student and teacher Martial Mechanics explains in humorous easy-to-understand language how physics and kinesiology affect martial arts techniques and how readers can best utilize them to make them faster more powerful and hence more effective in actual combat. Featuring black-and-white photographs throughout Martial Mechanics is written for both internal and external martial artists mixed martial arts practitioners with an interest in competition or self-defense students of kung fu karate taekwondo muay thai boxing kickboxing wing chun and more. Even many of the traditional grappling arts utilize certain striking techniques and their disciples as well can improve their percussive skills with this practical guide.

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