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Oxygen Training Mask

The FDBRO Edition has the 02 regulation system built in which restricts the air flow to your lungs making your workouts more intense and improving your respiratory conditioning.

The improved difficulty in your training sessions and the extra stress that the Oxygen Training Mask places on your respiratory system makes your body adapt and improve your levels of fitness fast. You will find that when you exercise or take part in sport without the mask after using it in training your fitness levels are through the roof and you have improved stamina, strength and speed.

The FDBRO Edition has done away with the old style of training masks. We have introduced the 02 switch which allows you to changed resistance levels whilst you are training by just flicking the switch on the bottom of the mask.

You can choose between 6 levels of resistance with the FDBRO Edition . Starting from beginner and working your way up to professional.

Sizing Guide:
Medium – for under 100kg
Large – for over 100kg

This special FDBRO Edition comes with

  • 1 x FDBRO Training Mask
  • 1 x gift box
  • 1 x instruction set
  • 1 x bonus gym carry case
  • 1 x bonus FDBRO bracelet
Code: OTM
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