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Punch Armadillo Safety Boxing Gloves V30

The Armadillo™ Boxing Gloves purpose-built for person to person full contact sparring.   These highly protective sparring gloves go hand-in-hand with the  ‘Armadillo’ Safety Bag Gloves.  Partnering these gloves will greatly increase the longevity of both gloves as they can be used specifically for their engineered design.  This glove has a massive amount of custom dye injected Armadillo™ padding throughout to protect the user and their training partners.

  • The premium safety boxing glove in the Punch Equipment® arsenal.
  • Version 30 – Technologically advanced hand fit with over 30 years of experience behind its hand fit design
  • Engineered for superior protection for your sparring & injury prevention
  • Built with the exclusive 6cm Armadillo™ injected padding over the knuckles
  • Designed with an intricate, turned in injected mexican thumb support padding to lower the risk of injury
  • Built with a heavy-duty, full wrap, 3inch hook and loop wrist support
  • Full genuine Cowhide leather casing with pillow palms allowing for a perfectly filled fist.
  • Colours:  Black/White, Blue/White, Red/White
  • Sizes: 12oz, 16oz









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