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9781594395987 the warriors manifesto

The Warrior’s Manifesto by Daniel Modell

Ideals for those who protect and defend…

The Warrior’s Manifesto is a concise and potent declaration of principles that outline what it means to be a warrior. It is a brief, dramatic statement on the what, the why, and the way. These are not mere abstractions. Warriors must understand and embody them to bring wisdom, courage, and clarity to their work.

“A warrior is not defined by insignia, uniforms, or shields; a warrior is not birthed by bow, sword, or gun.”

“Warriors existed before all these things, and where he dons or wields them bestows them their meaning.”

From ancient times to our own era, the way of the warrior has been a path apart. Whether serving in the trenches or securing our streets, warriors embrace a life most citizens would never choose. As Modell writes, the pay is modest, the hours long and ungodly. Warriors find themselves away from their families, often in harm’s way. They experience horror and tragedy. Politicians exploit them. The media and the public scrutinize their every act.

The Warrior’s Manifesto is an undeniable statement that will influence warriors for generations. This book is certain to become a classic.

About the Author

Daniel Modell served twenty years with the New York Police Department, retiring at the rank of lieutenant. He was training coordinator of the Firearms and Tactics Section, and he also served as commanding officer of the Tactical Training Unit, teaching thousands of police officers to navigate the dynamics of violent encounters. Today he is CEO of Ares Tactical and Emergency Management Solutions and an adjunct professor at the State University of New York-FIT. Daniel Modell lives in New York


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