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Tokaido Kata Master

Tokaido WKF Kata Master Gi

The TOKAIDO WKF Kata Master is TOKAIDO’s first WKF approved kata uniform.

The Kata Master uses the heaviest 12oz brushed cotton to provide that distinctive “snap” sound when doing techniques. The Kata Master employs the Japanese cut with a tailored design, shorter jacket sleeves, roomier pants and a lengthier jacket skirt for ease of movement and a distinctive style.

Attractive TOKAIDO logo embroidered on right chest and under the neck.

This uniform is made in our Pakistan factory to TOKAIDO’s exacting specifications.

WKF approved for all WKF sanctioned kata events.

Sizes: 4/170cm, 4.5/175cm, 5/180cm, 5.5/185cm, 6/190cm.

Price:    Giri Club Member Price :

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