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vic01 massage gun

Victory Recovery Massage Gun

Accelerate your recovery with our massage gun, designing to quickly and effectively loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow. Whether you’ve got tension in your quads, calves, back, shoulders, relieve muscle soreness with our groundbreaking percussion technology that applies rapid pulses of pressure for a deep massage that accelerates your warm-up and recovery.

  • Lightweight and portable: only 1kg for easy and comfortable use.
  • Versatile: 4 interchangeable head attachments for highly targeted recovery.
  • Adjustable: 5 speed settings for optimal pressure.
  • Long-lasting: 4+ hour battery life.
  • Comes in a carry case.

NOTE: This product is only available for purchase within Australia.

Code: VIC01

Your Price: $299.95
Giri Club Price: $269.95

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