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martial arts fighting with sticks

The Art of Stick Fighting

One of our favourite forms of martial arts at the moment is stick fighting. This term is used to reference the different types of martial arts styles from around the world that use sticks in their combat techniques.

From ‘intonga’, an ancient stick fighting martial art that is practiced in South Africa to ‘Canne de combat’ in France, plus many more from across the globe, stick fighting is a phenomenon that has been adopted by cultures from across the world. However, some of the most widespread forms of stick fighting originate from the Fillipino Martial Arts systems, including:

  • Kali
  • Arnis
  • Modern Arnis
  • Escrima

Stick Fighting as Self Defence

Stick fighting is commonly used as part of self-defence training. This is because it’s referred to as a form of ‘equaliser’, as wielding a stick makes it easier if you come up against multiple attackers. Sticks are also quite light to wield, yet heavy enough to inflict harm if necessary. A stick is also sturdy enough to deflect weapons, such as knifes.

When used correctly, a martial arts stick can be an excellent tool for both fitness and self-defence, giving you the means you need to surprise any attacker.

Stick Combat Ranges

When mastering the ancient skill of stick fighting, one must learn to wield their stick at an attacker from various distances.

Long Range Stick Combat

This is the furthest you can stand from your assailant when using a stick, as it’s far enough away that you will only be able to strike your opponents hand with your stick.

 Mid Range Stick Combat

An intermediate fighting range, this is when you’ll be able to strike your opponent’s head, arms and body with your stick.

 Close Quarter Stick Combat

As the name suggests, this is when you’re up close to your opponent, and you can fight them off with the butt of your stick using a variety of elbow, knee, and head strikes.

Learning Stick Fighting

Like any other form of martial arts, your local community will have a training centre or martial arts school where you can learn to master the art of stick fighting.

Many of these classes will offer beginner’s training, and won’t require you to be super fit – so they’re perfect for if you’re just starting out. Intermediate and advanced classes should also be available – just check with the class supplier before you enrol.

Anyone can learn to fight with a stick, so regardless of your age gender, or fitness level, you can join in the fun.

Stick Fighting Equipment

 At GIRI Martial Arts Supplies, we stock a range of bo’s and sticks that will ensure you’re learning stick fighting with the highest quality equipment.

From a Bo Rattan with Skin 35mm+ to a Bo 72”x19-25mm Tapered Red Oak, or a rattan Stick with Skin 26”, we’ve got you covered! We also have Joe Varady’s book, The Art and Science of Staff Fighting, available, which will guide you through everything you need to know about this dynamic combat method.

As the largest martial arts supply store in Western Australia, we’ve got everything you need to improve your martial arts training.

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