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FAQs About EVA Jigsaw Martial Arts Mats

Whether you’re looking to lay some gym flooring, kit out a small grappling area, or furnish a large exercise, training or martial arts facility, Giri have the quality interlocking jigsaw floor mats you need… but if you’re serious about the operation, we’re sure you’ll have a few questions! We hope these help…

1. What are your jigsaw mats made from?

Our jigsaw mats are made from high density Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, or EVA – an elastomeric polymer that produces a rubber-like material, extremely popular in martial arts, exercise or gym flooring for its impact resilience and durability.

2.  Are there different qualities for EVA Jigsaw Mats?

Yes, EVA jigsaw mats can have different degrees of hardness. Our EVA floor mats are 40% Shore A, which is a high quality, and recommended for all sorts of martial arts purposes, as it absorbs high impacts well, whilst being firm enough to guarantee stability and comfort under pressure of moving feet.

3. What are jigsaw mats used for?

Jigsaw mats are multipurpose, used for a whole range of applications where protection from falls is critical, but also stability underfoot is required – such as Gym Floor Mats, Exercise Rooms, Fitness Areas, and Gymnastic Flooring, and of course for Martial Arts Flooring, as:

– Boxing Mats
– MMA Mats
– BJJ Mats
– Judo Mats
– Wrestling Mats
– JiuJitsu Mats
– Hapkido Mats
– Kick Boxing Mats
– Aikido Mats
– Karate Mats
– Taekwondo Mats
– Wing Chun Mats

4. Why Jigsaw Mats?

EVA Jigsaw Mats are popular for their durability, comfortable underfoot and cost effectiveness. They are long-lasting industrial strength style floor mats, that are compact, light, easy to install and flexible.

For martial arts purposes, EVA Jigsaw Mats are preferred because they absorb high impact, are easy on your skin, soften takedowns and falls, whilst remaining firm enough for complete stability underfoot, and come with a firm textured surface for grip. They are also easy to clean, waterproof, and non-slip.

5. How are EVA Jigsaw Mats fitted?

They work as interlocking floor mats, locking together with the jigsaw pattern on the edge, no glue, no Velcro, no adhesive required. The interlocking allows any size to be fitted together to fit a small or large area, and ensures optimal stability across the adjoining edges. Giri’s jigsaw mats come with three edges per mat.

6. What thickness are they?

EVA Jigsaw Mats come in a variety of thicknesses, but the industry standards for Martial Arts purposes is 20mm or 40mm – of which Giri stock both. Thickness can be decided by personal preference and purpose, but generally speaking:

– 20mm (2cm) floor mats are more suited to upright forms of martial arts, such as Karate, Taekwondo and Kick Boxing.

– 40mm (4cm) floor mats are more suited to grappling and floor-based martial arts, such as Judo, JiuJitsu and Wrestling.

7. What colours do they come in?

Keeping in line with the industry standard colours for Martial Arts, red, blue or black, Giri’s Jigsaw floor mats come in two colour combinations – red/blue flip, and black/blue flip.

8. Are there different patterns on the mats?

Yes, Giri’s EVA Jigsaw Mats come in either cross finish or tatami finish patterns – which both provide a non-abrasive, non-slip surface, with just the right amount of grip that wont slow down movements

9. How are the mats cleaned?

EVA Jigsaw Mats can be washed easily with non-bleach detergents and no harmful chemicals, using a soft cloth, soft mop or sponge.

10. What should not be done with these mats?

Although EVA floor mats are strong and durable, some regulations need to be adhered to ensure long-lasting use.

– Do not leave any sharp or heavy items on the mats
– Do not expose to extreme weather conditions
– These mats are for indoor use only
– Mats should be used either barefoot or using non-marking martial arts or wrestling shoes

For further information or enquiries about the EVA Jigsaw Mats we sell at Giri Martial Arts Supply, please contact us today. All our Jigsaw Mats are available online.

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