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Martial Arts- Great for your physical & mental health!

Looking for a new workout? Want to sign the kids up to a new and exciting sport? Martial Arts training is a great workout for all ages and will work a wonder not only on your physical health but also you’re mental!


What is it?


Martial Arts in the definition are a system of practices and traditions for training for combat. These activities have been around for many years and date back to many ancient civilisations. In a broad sense, Martial Arts share the singular objective of defeating a person physically or to defend oneself from a threat. There are four main types of Martial Arts that you would commonly know. These include;



It involves using your hand, feet and elbows for self-defence. Karate is known as a great way to tone and strengthen your upper body.


Tae Kwon Do

This is the cousin to Karate although it involves more focus on the legs and kicking specifically. Similar to Karate it’s good for strengthening and toning your lower body.



A little different to the last, Judo involves leveraging the strength and size of the person whom you are fighting. The main focus is on rolling and controlling the opponent by holding them. There is less of an emphasis on striking the opponent.


Kung Fu

Is high intensity, using strong aerobic and cardiovascular movements. It involves evading the opponent and is a great workout for improving cardiovascular health.


Physical Benefits


The physical benefits of Martial Arts are endless. In a general, Martial Arts have the keys benefits of conditioning and toning muscles. Increasing one’s flexibility and agility, which can result in improved coordination skills. Ability to correct bad posture, which will not only make you feel better but also look better. It will also increase your stamina, endurance and help you to maintain a healthy weight


Mental Benefits


Clearly, Martial Arts is a great physical work but did you know that it is also wonderful for your mental health? Health experts have conducted various studies on Martial Arts and proved that the activity can help with one’s emotional struggles. It’s common knowledge that any kind of physical exercise causes for the body to release endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain to reduce the perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling your body promoting positive energy. Martial Arts training is also great for these mental health issues;



Many people face stress in their daily life. Martial Arts is linked to the ability to decrease peoples stress levels, due to predominantly being an extensive cardio work out. Also, the meditation and breathing exercises taught in Martial Arts contribute hugely to fighting against stress.



Studies conducted have revealed that Martial Arts training can reduce the levels of aggressive behaviour. Due to the aerobic nature to the workout, it allows you to release your anger. Mindfulness and meditation are keys aspects in Martial Arts and this training allows people to manage their anger and learn how to not react.



Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder. Participating in Martial Arts training can help you to get out there and feel comfortable in social situations. It can also help to boost your self-esteem.


Martial Arts has a range of great benefits. To learn more about our products or get the equipment you need, contact the team at Giri Martial Arts Supplies!

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